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Näyttää1 -20 1574 hakutuloksesta.


  • Magneettiventtiili FESTO MHA3
    Magneettiventtiili FESTO MHA3
    Electrical connection: plug vanes. With fast-switching electronics, switching time 2.3 ms Normally closed.
  • Pistoliitin muovi FESTO QS
    Pistoliitin muovi FESTO QS
    Push-in connector QS
  • T-liitin FESTO QST
    T-liitin FESTO QST
    Push-in T-connector QST
  • Paineilmaletku
  • Muoviletku FESTO PUN-H
    Muoviletku FESTO PUN-H
    With tubing outside diameters of 3 … 16 mm
  • Kulmapistoliitin pyörivä FESTO QSL
    Kulmapistoliitin pyörivä FESTO QSL
    Orientable. Male thread with external hex.
  • Pistoliitin metalli FESTO QS
    Pistoliitin metalli FESTO QS
    Push-in fitting QS. Male thread with external hex.
  • Sylinterianturi pistokkeella FESTO SMT-8M-A
    Sylinterianturi pistokkeella FESTO SMT-8M-A
    Magneto-resistive measuring principle. Insertable in the slot from above, does not protrude over the cylinder profile. Cable clip and inscription labels included in the scope of delivery. Variant EX2 for use in potentially explosive areas in zones 2 and 22.
  • Pistoliitin FESTO QSF
    Pistoliitin FESTO QSF
    Push-in fitting QSF. Female thread with external hex.
  • Kompaktisylinteri FESTO ADVUL
    Kompaktisylinteri FESTO ADVUL
    Diameter 12 … 100 mm. Stroke length 1 … 400 mm.
  • Kaapeli+pistoke FESTO KMEB
    Kaapeli+pistoke FESTO KMEB
    For valves with EB solenoid coil. Pre-assembled. Cable lengths 2.5 m, 5 m and 10 m. 24 V DC: with LEDs and protective circuit. Not suitable for energy chains.
    • KMEB-1 with PVC cable
    • KMEB-2 with PUR cable
    • KMEB-3 with PVC cable
  • Paineensäädin FESTO LR/LRS
    Paineensäädin FESTO LR/LRS
    Flow rate 120 … 12,500 l/min. Temperature range –10 … +60 °C. Operating pressure 1 … 16 bar.
    Also suitable for front panel mounting. Two pressure gauge connections for different fitting options. Good regulating characteristics with minimal pressure hysteresis. High flow rate. Two pressure regulation ranges: 0.5 … 7 bar and 0.5 … 12 bar. Setting values are secured by locking the rotary knob. Return flow option for venting from output 2 to input 1
  • Magneettiventtiili FESTO CPE - 5L/5LS
    Magneettiventtiili FESTO CPE - 5L/5LS
    Width 10...24 mm.
  • Tulppa FESTO QSC
    Tulppa FESTO QSC
    Blanking plug QSC-…H
  • Suodatinsäädinyksikkö FESTO MS4/MS6-LFR, MS-sarja
    Suodatinsäädinyksikkö FESTO MS4/MS6-LFR, MS-sarja
    Flow rate 850 … 7,200 l/min. Temperature range –10 … +60 °C. Operating pressure 0.8 … 20 bar.
    With this device, the filter and pressure regulator are combined into a single unit. The sintered filter with water separator removes contamination, pipe sinter, rust and condensate from the compressed air.
    Good regulation characteristics with low hysteresis and primary pressure compensation. Good particle and condensate separation. Available with or without secondary venting. High flow rate. Directly-actuated diaphragm
    regulator. Four pressure regulation ranges: 0.3 … 4 bar, 0.3 … 7 bar, 0.5 … 12 bar and 0.5 … 16 bar. Regulator lock for protecting the values against adjustment. Two pressure gauge connections for different fitting options. Return flow option for exhausting from output 2 to output 1 already integrated. Optional pressure sensor. Optional device variant EX4 for use in potentially explosive areas in zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. Choice of filter cartridges:
    5 μm or 40 μm.
  • Terä letkuleikkuriin FESTO ZRS
    Terä letkuleikkuriin FESTO ZRS
    Terä Feston letkuleikkuriin. 10kpl.
  • Letkuleikkuri FESTO ZRS
    Letkuleikkuri FESTO ZRS
    The pipe and tubing cutter ZRS is used for cutting plastic and nitrile rubber tubing with outer diameters of up to 20 mm, with or without textile insert. It is not suitable for tubing with metal casing. It also has an integrated safety catch to prevent unauthorised opening. Note on materials: RoHS-compliant.
  • Muoviletku FESTO PLN
    Muoviletku FESTO PLN
    Polyethylene tubing is distinguished by great resistance to chemicals and hydrolysis. It is resistant to most cleaning agents and lubricants.
  • Muoviletku FESTO PAN
    Muoviletku FESTO PAN
    High thermal and mechanical load capacities.
  • T-liitin FESTO QST-G
    T-liitin FESTO QST-G
    Orientable. Male thread with external hex.
Näytetään 20/1574

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