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Pneumaattiset- ja sähköiset ohjaimet

Näyttää1 -20 20 hakutuloksesta.

  • Asemointilaite FESTO CMSX
    Asemointilaite FESTO CMSX
    Voltage 21.6 … 26.4 V DC. Temperature range –5 … +60 °C. Flow rate 50 … 130 l/min.
    4 Vaihtoehtoa
  • Kontrollerikotelo FESTO CPX-CMAX
    Kontrollerikotelo FESTO CPX-CMAX
    Order code in the CPX configurator: T21
    1 Vaihtoehto
  • Ajastin- ja nollausyksikkö FESTO PZVT
    Ajastin- ja nollausyksikkö FESTO PZVT
    Adjustable delay times
    – 0.2 … 3 s
    – 2 … 30 s
    – 8 … 120 s
    – 20 … 300 s
    Panel mounting. Mounting on H-rail to EN 60715. Protective cover.
    Pneumatic timer PZVT: The timer switches input pressure applied to port 1 through to port 2 after the preset delay time has expired.
    Automatic reset module PZVT-AUT: The reset module is used to automatically reset timers of type PZVT-…-SEC at the end of a preset time and to generate an output signal of defined duration for control system purposes. The timer can be reset manually by pulling the setting knob on the reset module. This allows the simple creation of pneumatic timer controls with automatically repeating time intervals.
    9 Vaihtoehtoa
  • Käyttöyksiköt FESTO CDPX
    Käyttöyksiköt FESTO CDPX
    Ambient temperature [°C] 0 … 50
    Storage temperature [°C] –20 … 70
    Relative air humidity [%] 5 … 85
    CE marking (see declaration of conformity) In accordance with EU EMC Directive1)
    Certification cULus listed (OL)
    Protection class IP20
    Note on materials Conforms to RoHS
    6 Vaihtoehtoa
  • Vahvistin/ohjain FESTO CMMP-AS
    Vahvistin/ohjain FESTO CMMP-AS
    CMMP-AS-…-M0 – Without slot. The plug assortment NEKM is included in the scope of delivery of the motor controller.
    CMMP-AS-…-M3 – With 3 slots. One of the plug-in cards must be inserted in slot 7 in order to operate the motor controller.
    Possible plug-in cards:
    – CAMC-DS-M1
    – CAMC-G-S1
    – CAMC-G-S3
    For the CMMP-AS-C15…, the mains filter is mandatory for compliance with the CE and EN standards. The plug assortment NEKM is included in the scope of delivery of the motor controller.
    7 Vaihtoehtoa
  • Vahvistin/ohjain FESTO SFC-DC
    Vahvistin/ohjain FESTO SFC-DC
    The motor controller SFC-DC serves as a positioning controller and closed loop position controller. Available with or without control panel. Thanks to IP54 protection, the motor controller can be mounted close to the drive
    Parameter assignment via:
    Control panel:
    – suitable for simple position sequences FCT (Festo Configuration Tool) configuration package:
    – with RS 232 interface
    – Windows-based PC user interface,
    Festo Configuration Tool
    Easy actuation via:
    – I/O interface (only in combination with mini slide SLTE)
    – CANopen
    – DeviceNet
    3 Vaihtoehtoa
  • Väylämoduuli FESTO CTEU
    Väylämoduuli FESTO CTEU
    CTEU fieldbus modules for valve terminals. Festo-specific interface (I-Port). Input modules CTSL for detecting sensor signals. Connection for the installation system CPI from Festo. Direct and easy networking of valve terminals and other devices via a bus connection. Wide range of applications thanks to high degree of protection to IP65/67. Universal connection technology (Sub-D, M12, terminal strip). Optional decentralised installation of bus node for connecting two valve terminals. Basic diagnostics: undervoltage, short circuit. CTEU for the universal use of valve terminals. The Festo-specific, uniformly defined interface (I-Port) enables the fieldbus modules to be used for different types of valve terminal.
    6 Vaihtoehtoa
  • Lisätarvikkeet FESTO CTEU/CTEL
    Lisätarvikkeet FESTO CTEU/CTEL
    Universal plug connector - Electric cables and connectors
    6 Vaihtoehtoa
  • Moottorin valvonta FESTO CMMO-ST
    Moottorin valvonta FESTO CMMO-ST
    The motor controller CMMO-ST is a closed-loop and open-loop position controller. Separate load and logic supply. Supports the safety function “safe torque off" (STO).
    Easy actuation via:
    – I/O interface
    – IO-Link or I-Port
    – Modbus TCP
    Monitoring of freely defined positions and torque ranges. Backup file enables seamless device replacement. H-rail mounting possible. Encoder option (closed loop), in other words no step losses, following errors are corrected.
    Parameterisation possible via:
    Configuration package FCT (Festo Configuration Tool)
    Ethernet interface with integrated web server
    2 Vaihtoehtoa
  • Simulaattori FESTO CDSM-S1
    Simulaattori FESTO CDSM-S1
    For motor controller: CMMP-AS, CMMS-ST
    Included in the scope of delivery: Simulato. Connecting cable to motor controller. Operating instructions.
    1 Vaihtoehto
  • Stop soft -ohjain FESTO SPC11
    Stop soft -ohjain FESTO SPC11
    Teach-in travel to determine the system characteristic values and end positions can be started either using a button on the end-position controller SPC11 or via an output (e.g. of the PLC) externally routed via the control cable.
    3 Vaihtoehtoa
  • Teollisuus-PC FESTO CECC
    Teollisuus-PC FESTO CECC
    Voltage 19.2...30 V DC. Temperature range 0 … +50 °C
    3 Vaihtoehtoa
  • Soft-stop -ohjain FESTO CPX-CMPX
    Soft-stop -ohjain FESTO CPX-CMPX
    Order code in the CPX configurator: T20
    1 Vaihtoehto
  • Liitäntärasia FESTO CAPC
    Liitäntärasia FESTO CAPC
    Electrical connection block
    1 Vaihtoehto
  • Ohjearvoyksikkö FESTO MPZ
    Ohjearvoyksikkö FESTO MPZ
    Function: Generation of 6+1 analogue setpoint values for the proportional pressure regulators MPPES, VPPM, VPPE and MPYE. Digital activation. Output voltage adjustable via spindle potentiometer. Voltage 20 … 30 V DC
    1 Vaihtoehto
  • Koppa FESTO CAFC
    Koppa FESTO CAFC
    Hood section for CPX terminal including mounting attachments for connecting several hood sections in series.
    2 Vaihtoehtoa
  • Kenttäväyläliitäntä FESTO CECX
    Kenttäväyläliitäntä FESTO CECX
    As a master to the PROFIBUS DP-V1
    1 Vaihtoehto
  • Vahvistin/ohjain FESTO CMMS-ST
    Vahvistin/ohjain FESTO CMMS-ST
    The plug assortment NEKM and the operator package are included in the scope of delivery of the motor controller.
    1 Vaihtoehto
    Plug socket for multi-pin connection (to valve terminal type 32 MPA). Can be fabricated with any cable lengths. 25-pin. Sub-D.
    1 Vaihtoehto
  • Pulssigeneraattori FESTO VLG
    Pulssigeneraattori FESTO VLG
    Pulse generator
    1 Vaihtoehto

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