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Näyttää1 -20 40 hakutuloksesta.


  • Alipainemittari FESTO VAM/FVAM
    Alipainemittari FESTO VAM/FVAM
    Vacuum gauge VAM, EN 837-1. Temperature range –10 … +60 °C. Pressure –1 … +9 bar. Analogue display via Bourdon tube. Vacuum gauges can be loaded up to ¾ of their full scale value under static load and up to 2/3 under intermittent load conditions.
    Vacuum gauge VAM, EN 837-1, with red-green range. Temperature range –10 … +60 °C. Pressure –1 … 0 bar. Analogue display via Bourdon tube. Vacuum gauges can be loaded up to ¾ of their full scale value under static load and up to 2/3 under intermittent load conditions. The adjustable red-green range provides additional safety when monitoring compressed air.
  • Alipaine-ejektori FESTO ISV
    Alipaine-ejektori FESTO ISV
    The ISV valve is fitted between the vacuum generator and the suction cup. If, during vacuum generation, a suction cup is uncovered, or only partly covered, the ISV automatically stops the influx of air. When the suction cup fits tightly against the surface, a vacuum is regenerated. Removal of the object from the suction cup causes the ISV valve to close immediately.
    Temperature range –10 … +60 °C. Operating pressure –0.95 … 0 bar.
  • Tyhjiöimukuppi FESTO VASB
    Tyhjiöimukuppi FESTO VASB
    Diameter 8...125 mm. Temperature range -20...+80°C
    Diameter 8...125 mm. Temperature range -40...+200°C
  • Alipainesuodatin FESTO VAF-PK
    Alipainesuodatin FESTO VAF-PK
    Temperature range 0 … +40 °C. Operating pressure –0.95 … 0 bar
    The vacuum filter is used to filter particles in the direction of suction. The vacuum filter is inserted as an inline filter in the tubing line. On initial installation any flow direction can be chosen. After disassembly and installation
    of the vacuum filter the original flow direction must be kept. The fabric filter element is located in a transparent housing so that the degree of contamination of the filter cartridge can be identified. It is not possible to replace the filter.
  • Ejektori FESTO VN pneumatiikka
    Ejektori FESTO VN pneumatiikka
    Temperature range 0...60°C. Operating pressure 1...8 bar.
  • Ejektori FESTO VAD/VAK
    Ejektori FESTO VAD/VAK
    Temperature range –20 … +80 °C. Operating pressure 1.5 ... 10 bar
  • Tyhjiöimukuppi FESTO VAS-...-SI-B/PUR-B
    Tyhjiöimukuppi FESTO VAS-...-SI-B/PUR-B
    Sizes 8...125 mm. Temperature range –40 … +200 °C
    Nominal width 0.45 … 3 mm. Max. vacuum 85%. Temperature range 0 … +60 °C. Compact design. Minimal installation work required. Short switching times. Integrated solenoid valve (on/off). VADMI: additional integrated solenoid valve for ejector pulse. Filter with display. Optional air saving function. Vacuum switch (optional). Reliable setting down of workpieces.
  • Imukuppi Aventics FSR
    Imukuppi Aventics FSR
    Ympäristö­lämpötila min./maks. -20°C / +170°C . Standardin mukainen kovuus: ISO 7619-1:2010 60 ± 5 Shore A. DIN 535 16 -standardin mukainen hioutuvuusluku ISO 4649:2002: 154 mm³
    Materiaalit: Liitososa: Alumiini.Imuri: Fluori-metyyli-polysiloksaani.
  • Tyhjiöimukuppi FESTO VAS
    Tyhjiöimukuppi FESTO VAS
    Diameter 2...125 mm. Temperature range -20...+80°C
    Diameter 8...125 mm. Temperature range -40...+200°C
  • Tyhjiöimukuppi FESTO ESV
    Tyhjiöimukuppi FESTO ESV
    Diameter 20...200 mm. Temperature range –30 … +200 °C.
  • Ejektori FESTO VN sähköpneumatiikka
    Ejektori FESTO VN sähköpneumatiikka
    Nominal size 0.45 … 3 mm. Max. vacuum 93%. Temperature range 0 … +60 °C. A range of extremely effective generators suitable for use directly in the workplace. Available as straight or T-shaped housing. Low space requirement. Low-cost. No wearing parts. Extremely fast evacuation time. Vacuum switch (optional)
    Optional with additional functions:
    – integrated eject pulse
    – electric control for vacuum ON/OFF
    – combination of eject pulse and control
  • Ejektori FESTO VN-A/M/B
    Ejektori FESTO VN-A/M/B
    VN-A Temperature range 0 … +60 °C. Operating pressure 1 … 8 bar
    VN-M / VN-B Temperature range 0 … +50 °C. Operating pressure 2 … 8 bar
  • Alipainesuodatin  FESTO VAF-DB
    Alipainesuodatin FESTO VAF-DB
    Temperature range –5 … +50 °C. Operating pressure –0.95 … 0 bar
  • Imukuppiholkki FESTO OASI
    Imukuppiholkki FESTO OASI
    For suction cups with connection attachments/suction cups, bellows with 3.5 convolutions. The suction cup insert is compatible with the ESG suction gripper range. It is suitable for bellows suction cups with 3.5 convolutions and is simply snapped into the bellows. The support offered by the suction cup insert enables delicate and fragile workpieces to be transported.
    Areas of application:
    – Semiconductor industry (wafers, solar cells)
    – Electronics industry (printed circuit boards, plastic film)
    – Paper industry
    – PE film
  • Ejektori FESTO VAD-M, VAD-M-I
    Ejektori FESTO VAD-M, VAD-M-I
    Temperature range 0 … +40 °C. Operating pressure 1.5 … 8 bar
  • Tyhjiöimukuppi FESTO  ESS
    Tyhjiöimukuppi FESTO ESS
    Diameter 2 … 200 mm. Temperature range –30 … +200 °C.
  • Paljeimukuppi Aventics BSG
    Paljeimukuppi Aventics BSG
    F = 0,95 - 570 N. Ulkohalkaisija: 10,4 - 150 mm. Sisäkierre.
  • Ejektori Aventics sarja EBP
    Ejektori Aventics sarja EBP
    Ympäristö­lämpötila min./maks.+0°C / +50°C
    Keskilämpötila min./maks.+0°C / +60°C
    Käyttöpaine min./max.2 bar / 6 bar
    Hiukkaskoko maks.5 µm
    Paineilman öljypitoisuus0 mg/m³ - 1 mg/m³

    Pesä Alumiini, eloksoitu
    Tiiviste Akryylinitriili-butadieeni-kautsukki
    Suutin Messinki
  • Asennuskomponentit tyhjiötekniikalle FESTO
    Asennuskomponentit tyhjiötekniikalle FESTO
    Mounting plate VN-T for vacuum generators VN-A/B/M. Internet: vn. For wall mounting with through hole for housing type T3/T4. Material: Plate: Galvanised steel. RoHS-compliant. Free of copper and PTFE.
    Mounting bracket VAF-DB-HR for vacuum filter VAF-DB. Type of mounting: threaded. Max. tightening torque: 0.63 Nm. Materials: High-alloy stainless steel. Note on materials: RoHS-compliant. Contains PWIS (paint-wetting impairment substances)

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